Geelong Coffee Roasters
EST. 2020

Nearly 30 years of hands on, high level industry experience and tradition, to bring the best out in every roast with super consistency. We have won over 50 awards at the highest levels of competition in the industry, including 3 X CHAMPION OF SHOW and including competition amongst 5 different countries. Our RoastMaster, Carlos, is an Australian Coffee Judge, with 27 years plus roasting experience and is one of the most highly awarded Roasters in Australia. Carlos still roasts every batch, every time. Our commitment is on bringing delicious tasting, approachable coffees, multi-award winning blends, and 5 star service to great cafes and coffee drinkers.
We sell direct to public at Wholesale prices, from our 42 Cowie st, Nth Geelong Warehouse and online.
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Our Coffee Options


Flavours like: Nuts, buttery chocolate, with notes of caramel.
Origins – Colombian Tollima, Brazil O’Coffee Sweet Espresso.

Order now, and begin a new day with a new Sunrise.

Kosher Australia

Garden of Eden

Unique and fragrant. Red grape, winey, candied fruit with chocolate, toffee finish.

It’s delicious in milk and is great as filter or plunger coffee as well.

A crowd favourite.

Origins – Ethiopian Messina Natural Grade 1, Colombia Tollima,  Kenyan A grade.

Kosher Australia




A family secret dark blend built to give legend strength, legend boldness, legend flavour.

Tasting like dark spiced chocolate, and deep caramel molasses, this blend is heavy bodied, bold, and comes with legendary strength. A true dark roast favourite, that is just right for the home coffee machine.

Order now and become a Legend lover.  


Delicious FIVE O

Caramel and soft vanilla praline, balanced chocolate notes, dark berries, plum, cherry, long pleasing finish. A balanced, medium roast and excellent in milk or black.

It’s no wonder so many good folk come back for 5-0.

Kosher Australia


Big. Bold. Boozy.

Flavour notes of black currants, toffee, fresh leather aromatics, warm spice/choc notes with a dark caramel molasses finish.  A top seller and our all time most popular blend.

Order now, and get smashed by Goliath.

Kosher Australia


Flavours of smooth, rich, chocolate.

We’ve created a blend that just gives you exactly what it promises.

Beautiful in milk or black. Blacksmith has a solid base of extremely loyal fans.

Order now and find out why.

Tasting notes: Caramel, soft nut, and chocolate throughout.

Kosher Australia


Big bodied, low acidity.
Flavour notes of raisins, dark chocolate, bourbon spice,
and a caramel buttery finish.

Order now for a taste of the Gypsy life.

Kosher Australia



Subtle notes of cocoa, nut & soft caramel.

Order now for a taste that won’t keep you up at night.


Kosher Australia


Our EYESPY CHAI powder is versatile and delicious. Perfect for Chai Tea, Chai Latte, Iced Chai and Chai Frappes. Beautifully balanced, featuring a black tea base and a secret blend of spices for a softly spicy and creamy luxury. Hot or cold. Our signature brew is based on traditional Indian chai tea flavours, savoured for over 5,000 years for a perfectly balanced Chai Tea Latte.

Kosher Australia



CHORG Drinking Chocolate (Organic Fair Trade) is a blend that delivers every time. Crafted and blended using ethically sourced, organic cocoa and sugar, you can feel positive about serving this righteous drinking chocolate. It’s not just the growers and environment that are going to be thankful; the taste brings sweetness, creaminess and cocoa all in equally indulgent amounts. The fair trade organic cocoa has malty undertones with a hint of vanilla and hazelnut to lift the flavour profile that perfectly balances the natural earthiness of the cocoa. This drinking chocolate is one of the best we’ve ever had on the market.
Not too sweet, not too bitter.


Chorg DARK

CHORG Dark Drinking Chocolate is absolutely delicious! Our CHORG DARK is crafted using 100% Ivory Coast cocoa powder to produce a full-bodied, dark and earthy drinking chocolate. Subtle orange zest, hazelnut and dried stone fruit notes balance perfectly in this hefty chocolate blend, resulting in a rich and memorable taste experience. Be that cafe that serves indulgence.

  • 30g per serve
  • Available in 1kg bags
  • Contains no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives



GCR Chorg Dark


As coffee is a perishable food product we do not usually accept returns, however, you can choose between a refund, exchange or credit where goods have been wrongly described, are different to the product purchased on the website or doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.