Geelong Coffee Roasters
EST. 2020

Our entire focus is on the craft of roasting coffees scoring a minimum of 82+ SCAA, using the most advanced roasting technologies available today. Our total commitment is on bringing ethically grown, incredible tasting specialty coffees, and multi-award winning blends to great cafes and discerning coffee drinkers all over Australia. We sell direct to public at Wholesale prices. View our Coffee Options Below.

Our Coffee Options


Toasted marshmallow, pecans, and buttery chocolate, with notes of caramel and nuts.
Origins – Colombian Supremo, Brazil Esmeralda Natural, Guatemalan Huehuetenango

Garden of Eden

Unique and fragrant. Red grape, blueberry, winey, candied fruit with chocolate, apricot, citrus, toffee finish.
Origins – Ethiopian Messina Natural Grade 1, Colombia Estate ( grower Humberto Pecupaque) Brazil Esmeralda Rain Forest Alliance.

Fat Gypsy

All origins in Gypsy are certified Organic.
Rounded milk chocolate, nuts, caramel, toffee and soft mature plum.
Origins – Colombian Montalvo “Passiflora” Organic, Honduras Liquid Amber Organic, Peru Faical Grade 1 Organic.


Our mainstay signature blend. A customer favourite, solid. Caramel and soft vanilla praline, balanced chocolate notes, stewed forest fruit, dark berries, long pleasing finish. Exceptional balance and excellent in milk or black. 
Origins – Family secret, but if you were guessing – Colombian, Brazil, Ethiopian, Guatemalan, and Honduras Natural would be pretty close 😉


Big. Bold. Boozy. Black currants, toffee, fresh leather aromatics, warm spice notes with roasty molasses finish. Our darkest roast. Dropped before second crack.
Origins – Colombian Tollima, Brazil Esmeralda Natural, PNG Kongo, Guatemalan, and touch of premium robusta.


Coffee without the kick.
Brown sadness beans from Mexico, using the pure glacial waters of the Pico de Orizaba mountains for the decaffeination process, which are as pure as decaf is virtuous.
Tasting notes: Caramel, soft nuts, cola, and chocolate throughout.


Our EYESPY CHAI powder is versatile and delicious. Perfect for Chai Tea, Chai Latte, Iced Chai and Chai Frappes. Beautifully balanced, featuring a black tea base and a secret blend of spices for a softly spicy and creamy luxury. Hot or cold. Our signature brew is based on traditional Indian chai tea flavours, savoured for over 5,000 years for a perfectly balanced Chai Tea Latte.


CHORG Drinking Chocolate (Organic Fair Trade) is a blend that delivers every time. Crafted and blended using ethically sourced, organic cocoa and sugar, you can feel positive about serving this righteous drinking chocolate. It’s not just the growers and environment that are going to be thankful; the taste brings sweetness, creaminess and cocoa all in equally indulgent amounts. The fair trade organic cocoa has malty undertones with a hint of vanilla and hazelnut to lift the flavour profile that perfectly balances the natural earthiness of the cocoa. This drinking chocolate is one of the best we’ve ever had on the market.
Not too sweet, not too bitter.