Is buying coffee online worth it?

Buying coffee online is a little risky isn’t it? Is the roaster experienced, will the coffee arrive, will it arrive in a day or two, or take a week? WIll it be fresh? Will it be delicious?


And its expensive! Anything good usually is. And lets face it, there has been a plethora of start up coffee roaster businesses with little experience looking to make dollars off new comers. The truth is that when you are looking a buying coffee beans online you should always look at the roasters experience, awards, and reviews. Geelong coffee is local coffee but we also ship around the Nation.
Ive been roasting over 26 years and every bean, every batch, every bag of coffee that leaves Geelong Coffee Roasters for a new home is roasted by me. Awards for our coffee out the wazzoo Nationally, and Internationally so you can count on what you will receive for your hard earned money. I recommend that you try different roasters and find what you like. Everyone has different tastes and what you like might not be someone else’s ‘cup of coffee’. But don’t, please don’t get me started on supermarket coffee. Stale, bland, way past a few weeks use by date. If it works for you and your budget then hey what are you going to do? Right? But truly crafted coffee, that arrives fresh and delicious is incomparable.

So, is buying online worth it? A couple of risks, but not when you find a roaster you can count on. At Geelong Coffee Roasters we pride ourselves on being a business that you can count on. Whether its us or another roaster of integrity, I hope you enjoy a fresh brew soon. Carlos.

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